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I offer a variety of different art lessons, any of which can be tailored to suit the beginner or advanced student.

Two hour lessons are available between 9am to 1pm on Tuesday and on a Saturday from 9am to 1pm at a cost of R150 per lesson.



Everyone is free to choose whichever medium they wish to paint in - these are some suggestions :

Acrylic Painting - you will need paintbrushes and acrylic paint and a canvas

Water Colour Painting - you will need paintbrushes, a box of water colour paints and a pad of water colour paper

Mixed Medium Painting - this would involve a number of different mediums all incorporated into a single painting, eg. Acrylic, Fabric, stones, Wax Crayon, etc.

There are easels and paint palettes available for use by students at the venue. All of the art materials necessary for Painting need to be purchased by the student. We suggest you check out Glenwood Village Hardware for all your requirements. They have a web site at www.village-hardware-art-and-crafts.com and stock an enormous range of art materials at reasonable prices. CNA also stocks some reasonable Acrylic paint sets or visit any art shop in your area.

Some of the students Art






We offer a number of mediums in which to work :

Clay (air drying clay) - working in a 3 dimensional medium is fun and different

Plaster of Paris - such a versatile medium to make any size sculpture. If you interested in trying out sculpting, this is a must!

Paper Mache - fun for kids and adults.

Mixed Medium Sculpture - this could involve almost any 3 dimensional material available.

Fun Sculpting - carving out of soap. An inexpensive way to get the feel of 3 dimensional sculpting and also a fun way to create gifts for friends and family.

All of the materials necessary for Sculpture may either be bought from us at BBOS by prior arrangement or brought along by the student to their lesson.

Large sculptures may be stored at our venue should they be too large to be easily moved.

Decoupage - students who are interested in trying this out are welcome to bring along something to decorate, magazine pictures or decorative serviettes, etc and some modge podge. Easy and fun.



From basic beginners drawing lessons to advanced Life Drawing (when available) is available in a variety of mediums.

Pencil, Charcoal, Pastels, Wax Crayons and Pencil Crayons

There are drawing boards and easels for students to make use of at the venue.

Students are also required to supply their own Artists Sketch pad and a 2B, 4B and 6B pencil or Charcoal or Pastels, depending on which medium they have chosen to work in.


Personal attention is available for each individual in whatever medium you choose to express yourself. Art and creative expression is for everyone - we all share in the creative energies of the universe and it feels wonderful to release your very own creative energy. At BBOS we try to provide a unique wellness centre which caters for individual needs with no pressure. You work at your own pace and level.