By Believing One Sees


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Here are some of the Art Materials needed for various lessons :


Painting :

Acrylic Paint in tubes - a small box of paint tubes for beginners

A selection of Paintbrushes

A Canvas to paint on (we also sell primed Masonite Boards in various sizes by arrangement or treated fabric which is ready to be painted on)

A Palette Knife


Drawing :

A Sketch pad

A selection of pencils from 2B to 6B


Pencil Crayons



Soap Carving :

A bar of Sunlight Soap or any washing soap (any colour)


Water Colour Painting :

Water Colour Paint (the box with the hard blocks of paint NOT the tubes)

A selection of Paintbrushes

Water Colour Paper (special paper which has been pre-stretched and is available in a pad)


Clay Modelling :

Air Drying Clay


Sundries :

Masking Tape


Apron (to protect your clothes)



This kit may be used for Ceramics and Soap Carving


All of the above and many more art materials are available from Village Hardware which is located on the 1st level of Glenwood Shopping Centre (the one where the big Spar is situated) or from any local art shop. CNA also has a fairly good selection of artist materials.