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2 hour lessons are available on a weekly basis for Painting, Drawing and Sculpture. Weekly lessons may be paid on the day in cash, and may be arranged on an "as and when" basis. However, attendance needs to be confirmed the day before a lesson.

We are open from 9am till 1pm on Tuesday from 9am till 1pm on Saturday. Lessons may be arranged during these times to suit students. Saturday mornings are mostly attended by children but adults are welcome as long as you don't mind a bit of happy noise!

Saturday 2 hour lessons are available between 9am and 1pm .

All lessons need to be confirmed in advance unless a weekly arrangement is in place. Non attendance has to be communicated the day before the lesson.


Fees are payable in advance and may be paid per individual lesson or monthly in advance.

2 hour lesson = R150 per lesson per person (Weekly lessons must be paid on the day)

2 hour lesson once a week payable monthly = R550 per person per month (EFT's are welcome) The advantage of paying monthly is that during a 5 x week month, one lesson is free! However, any lessons missed are not refundable.


All artist materials are not included in these fees and should be purchased by the student in advance of the lesson. A good place to get art materials is Glenwood Village Hardware which is on the 1st level of Glenwood Shopping Centre. They are reasonable and stock a huge variety of everything necessary to paint, draw or create in a variety of mediums. The web address is www.village-hardware-art-and-crafts.com

Should students wish to purchase a primed Masonite board or primed fabric to paint on from BBOS, cost is dependant on size, starting from R20, and prior arrangement is necessary.


Students are permitted use of easels, drawing boards and paint palettes which are available at the venue during lessons.