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BBOS Art Studio is situated in Glenmore at the back of my house in a large garden and quiet suburb. There is bountiful birdlife due to the large green forest opposite the house. Lessons are informal and each person is free to work at their own pace and level with individual tuition always available. I have a degree in Fine Art Teaching. My teaching philosophy is that every individual has their own style of painting, drawing or sculpting and it is my job to improve on what is already there - not teach everyone to paint like me! Various different mediums of expression are taught, for example Acrylic, Water Colour, Pastel and Charcoal drawing as well as various Sculpture mediums, such as Paper Mache, Plaster of Paris, clay modelling, etc.  

I offer lessons in all of the above mediums and many more to bring out your creative side. From Beginners to Advanced students, all are welcome. Lessons are on a weekly basis on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. Click on our Art Lessons tab for more information.


I offer Children's Art Classes on a Saturday morning. Children from 8 years up are welcome to come along for a 2 hour lesson by arrangement between 9am and 1pm. Booking is essential as space is limited. We offer Drawing, Painting, Soap Carving, Clay modelling, Paper Mache and lots of other interesting and creative activities. We even sew rag dolls every now and then. Yes, boys need to learn to sew also! Lots of fun whilst learning something useful.


Please note that all Art materials are for students account and are not supplied.

Beverley Smith Martin

is resident artist at BBOS Studio

her web site is www.bevsmithmartin.bbos.co.za


Well not so new anymore!

Towards the end of 2020 (So Covid 19 has messed that plan up properly haha) I plan to relocate to Ireland and will be setting up a studio and giving Art Lessons there. No idea whereabouts I will end up as yet but am putting the idea out there, in the universe, to see if anyone in Ireland would be interested in coming along to art classes once I am settled there.

Please message me for more details and let me know if there is any interest in advance. Trusting in angels...

Still trusting in Angels but waiting now for this virus outbreak and lockdown to be over before I will be heading over the water to Ireland...


May your troubles be less, may your blessings be more,

and may nothing but happiness come through your door.

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